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např. Lacoste, vanilka, květinová
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The end of expensive perfumes - cheaper perfumes made by FM Group Company

Do you know that making high-quality perfume can be cheap? Only 50 CZK

Do you know why perfumes in parfumery cost 2000CZK?

Do you know that we sell these high-quality pefumes cheaper? from 230 to 480 CZK

It is unbelievable that producing a perfume can cost only 50CZK
, 50CZK but the problem is that you have to know about it and this information has to reach you somehow!It is only business!
A perfume is presented to you by advertising. Advertisment costs millions each year and has to correspond to mentality of the country and its inhabitants where is being distributed.

The fragrance is made by a perfumier who communicates with a producer! This producer will make an aromatic substance in large quantities in cooperation with e.g. one German company called DROM that has a hundred year-old history (tradition) and produces 80% of all fragrances all over the world!
Afterwards a perfume producer searches for a famous person - a celebrity..a perfume is named after this celebrity...and a celebrity earns lots of money! Than an oil fragrant essence is mixed with alcohol and put inside of an expensive flacon – a piece of art that already costs 300-1200CZK. In the end all perfumes are distributed to wholesalers and retail dealers!These dealers might have an exclusive but also expensive rents and they will probably sell only a few perfumes, these two aspects cause higher margins -profit that is usually 100%!The total price? Often1500CZK or more!

Why does FM Group Company sell the same perfumes cheaper?

We sell cheaper perfumes because we made an exlucive contract with Dorm Company! As a result we are able to buy original fragrant essences used for perfumes such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, Kenzo, Lacoste etc.We mixed them with alcohol like other perfume producers, we put perfumes into our own flacons – beautiful but also cheeper! And than our own distributors sell them straight to you - our customers! The result is that we have the same perfumes but cheaper – only 330CZK!
Pro registrované členy FM Group jsou parfémy za 230 Kč.

How is it possible?

You cannot patent a fragrance!! You can only patent its appearance!Therefore we use our own flacons and do not sell perfumes under the name known from advertising (legality issue) but under the number that matches relevant perfume!
A result ? – the very same fragrence, the different flacon but the high-quality and cheap perfume!
We do not use any advertisment! Our advertising is a large number of our satisfied costumers. And mainly, no advertisment allows us to produce a cheaper perfume not like these you see in a typical parfumery !It was our costumers who allowed us to expand our products into more than 40 countries on 5 continents and we do so more and more! If you can see a great opportunity to make money or make yourself better future just CLICK HERE!

The International Standard Ratio of fragrant essences in "perfumes"

" a perfume" in a parfumery is not a perfume , on our website a perfume is a perfume!!

85% of all worldwide products are

Eau-de-Cologne 3-5% of fragrant essences
Eau de Toilette 4-8% of fragrant essences

Go to any parfumary and see what products they sell! Perfume? No way! There is nothing more than already mentioned floressence water called Eau de Toilette!

perfume water 8-15% of fragrant essences

And what do we sell?

Women perfumes of FM Group company have 20% of fragrant essences, so they are in category
Perfume 15-30% of fragrant essences

Men perfumes of FM Group company have 16% of fragrant essences, so they are in category Perfume too but because of a low number of these products and a ratio of fragrant essences is in the edge, we sell them as perfume water!

What do you prefer to buy?

Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss in a parfumery for 2000CZK or a cheaper parfume from FM Group Company that looks different but smells the same, because of fragrant essences inside the flacon are the same as the original?

We also offer fragrant shower gels , body blasams, deos, after shaves and much more products that are usually sold in parfumeries for another thousands but you can have them here just for hundreds! We have the cheapest perfumes in the market! We sell perfumes with pheromons inside too!
See more information inside of FM Group product catalogue.

Do you still not believe in a quality of FM Group perfumes?

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